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Flight Training

 Come Learn to Fly!

Whether you are looking to be a career pilot, or just want to go joyriding with friends, flying is an experience most everyone looks forward to. So why not learn to do it yourself? Picture yourself skipping the traffic and flying to Portland for the Rose Festival. Or perhaps you'd like to go to the coast; a twenty minute flight will have sand between your toes.

If you are looking to complete some ratings on your path to becoming a professional pilot' we can help you. We are FAA parts 61 and 141 certified, and can offer M-1 vocational training. However you'd like to learn; if you need your ATP, or if you're beginning from scratch, Corvallis Aero Service is here to help you reach your dream. Oregon has no sales tax so we are an economical choice. And with HTSI and REACH on the airport, we can get you on the way to a rewarding career in no time at all. We are the gateway to your bright future as a professional pilot!

If you're a student outside of the US, click here for instructions to obtain permission to train in the US.


Both private and professionally focused students will appreciate our vision at Corvallis Aero Service: to provide the highest quality instruction using only the safest equipment. 
For career-oriented students, we ensure you'll pass more than just the FAA's minimum standards. We work so your training resume survives an insurance company audit (most companies won't hire you if it can't). Our experienced staff will help you tailor your training to whatever your career goals may be.

Students who wish to fly privately will appreciate our self-paced coursework, a refreshing change from schools who push out barely proficient pilots. The Willamette Valley is by far one of the most beautiful areas to fly in the US, and with the coast twenty minutes to the west, and mountains twenty minutes to the east, there's no better place to go sightseeing as a private pilot.

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  For students interested in helicopters the same guarantee applies: to provide the highest quality instruction using only the safest equipment. We offer knowledgeable instructors and superbly maintained helicopters. Whether your sights are set on a career as a helicopter pilot, or you just want to hover for that perfect camera shot,  Corvallis Aero Service is the school for you. 

Students who wish to fly privately will appreciate our top-of-the-line trainers and experienced instructors. We will save you money in training costs without cutting corners, ensuring you'll feel comfortable piloting your aircraft and transporting your family, friends, and business associates.

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